April 23, 2020 2 min read

At Strictly Hardware, our Top Knobs selection sets us apart from the crowd. Our items and produced and selected with only the top quality in mind. They are assembled from only the finest parts and put together with the desires of the homeowner first. Some of our top knobs selections include:

Top Knobs Ascendra Top Knobs Wholesale

Our selection of Top Knobs Ascendra reflects the light beautifully, allowing the homeowner to cut down on the amount of lighting that is required to fill the room. It will catch the eye of everyone who enters the area and reflects a style of beaty and grace.

Top Knobs Luxury Cabinet Hardware

While people do tend to focus on their cabinets, they often overlooked the hardware that goes with them. It is important to think about not only the color but also the hardware that goes into them. Shop our selection of Top Knobs luxury cabinet hardware to set your home apart from the crowd.

Top Knobs Chareau

Our collection of Top Knobs Chareau has a textured elegance that reminds people of a time long since passed. The beautiful curves and attention to detail makes this product unique and the many different styles provide options for everyone. We are confident that shoppers can find something that fits their home. 

Shop our Top Knobs Collection Today

These are only a few of our many options from Top Knobs, one of the highest-quality lines in the business. Why not take a look at our massive online selection today? We know you can find something that will fit your needs. We even provide free shipping and free return on our many products!

Mohamed Sadiqui
Mohamed Sadiqui

Strictly Hardware Your Online Hardware Store There are an infinite number of choices to make when it comes to decorating the rooms in your house, and each one is a reflection of you and your personality. Instead of basing your decision solely on price, it may be time to really consider how you want your home to look and function for the next few years. Strictly Hardware doesn't just offer standard cabinet pulls or top knobs, we want you to look deeper to discover the hidden decorator inside. No matter who's in your home, whether it's your family or friends, everyone notices the quality of furniture and accessories you use to make your house a home. From the cabinet knobs in your kitchen to the door knocker of your front entrance to the appliance pulls on your oven, it's these extra touches that leave an impression on everyone who happens to grace your doorway. We invite you to learn more about the variety and quality of the items we have to offer. No matter what style cabinet you have, you can find cabinet hardware that works for you. We only sell showroom quality decorative hardware, and everything we sell was made by inspired designers who want to give homeowners more for their money. Whether you're looking for an antique knob with special finishing to put on your grandmother's sewing table or house numbers that will complement your home's style, you can find what you're looking for at Strictly Hardware. When you're looking for hardware resources and top-tier manufacturing on your hardware, it's time to browse our selection. Once you have an idea of the style you want, you can start getting your list down to the truly special pieces that will be the perfect match for your home. Everyone has their own idea of what a perfect home looks like, and Strictly Hardware is here to make your dream a reality.

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